The Award is in recognition of the work of nurses using information and communications technology to support care and results from an extremely kind donation by Dame Phyllis herself to the specialist group.

There is only one Award made each year, along with a citation, the prize winner also receives a cheque for £250. In addition, the paper will be published by BCS and the author offered the opportunity to present their work at the Group's next conference.

The Award is open specifically for new authors to help them to share their information and communication technology developments in their care area.

To enter all that is required is that you are a member of the Nursing specialist group and a paper of up to 2,500 words not including a bibliography.

For more information, please go to Regulations for entry. For information on paper format, please go to Preparation of a submission.

All entries should be MicroSoft™ Word© format and sent via email attachment to BCS HI (Nursing) Secretary.