MIE is the annual European Informatics conference of the European Federation of Medical Informatics (EFMI). They are named in honour of Dr Julian Costello a long time member of the PHCSG.

These awards are specifically for applicants who are working in Primary Care or a Primary Care Network, whatever their discipline and however part time. This would include those in vocational training.

The applicants must be early in their health informatics career (5 years or less), not necessarily in their clinical career if relevant and should be able to show the potential to be future leader in the field.

Other characteristics which will also be considered are:

  • Undertaking a post graduate degree in health informatics at a UK university
  • A member of the current digital academy cohort
  • Working in a Digital Health role
  • Demonstrable potential to make a meaningful contribution to Health and Care Informatics.

The winning applicants will be expected to join the Primary Health Care Specialist Group (PHCSG) as soon as possible. The British Computer Society (BCS) and the Faculty of Clinical Informatics are members of EFMI and membership of BCS or FCI will get the reduced member’s rate.

The winners are:

  • Asked to write a 1000-word blog for the PHCSG website.
  • Asked to contribute to social media during the event. To be agreed with the PHCSG social media representative prior to the event.
  • May be asked to write a paper/poster on learning to be presented at the PHCSG conference in the autumn.

2023 Winners

Dr James Roberts - MIE 2023: Gothenburg, Sweden
Michael Claydon - MIE 2023: Gothenburg, Sweden

Full details about MIE 2023

The awards are funded by the Medical Software Group.