The theme to produce a single power point slide on: “A New Application of the Internet of Things that Benefits Society

Closing date to submissions Thursday 23 May 2019

Entry requires a single power point slide, providing a visual poster for the idea.

Entries form Outside the UK particularly encouraged

There are two Categories

1. Open, for all BCS members, whether in the UK and Overseas, submit your idea either as an individual or as a group (must contain at least one BCS member).

2. Student for all students from primary to post-graduate courses, whether full time or part-time, in 2018-2019.

For all category entries may be either an Individual or Group.

For the Student category entries should be collated by a member of staff for the establishment (not necessary to be a BCS member, but normally an employee), who would aggregate the entries and email them to us as a single file.

The process

For the Open Category, email your entry directly to, copy to, and, with GreenIT comp and the category in “Open”, in the subject line, with your name(s), city and country, and BCS number

For the Student Category, entries from the educational establishment should be submitted in one file by a member of staff, to, copy, and, with GreenIT comp and the category “Student”, name of the educational establishment, city and country the in the subject line, as soon as possible,;

For both the Open and the Student Categories

Each entry should comprise a single PowerPoint file, containing images and text written in English;

Each member or group is allowed to submit up to 4 entries;

After the deadline, the entries will be assessed by a panel, and the results published on the Green IT SG web page. The judges’ decision is final.

Competition entry deadline for all categories: 12.00 (noon) Thursday 23 May 2019 BST.

The authors of successful entries will receive a Certificate and a small prize..