We really would like to hear from you if you have an idea for a presentation, workshop or bonus session.

Feedback from our audience tells us that practitioner and experience-based talks are the best received. We are also open to new ideas, theories and practices.

Everyone likes to listen to one of the seasoned conference circuit speakers, but we also encourage less experienced people who have a good message, even if it is your first time. We can provide you with assistance and mentoring if this is your first time speaking.

We can accommodate a wide variety of sessions, so there is no excuse for not submitting a proposal:

  • Standard session
    These typically last 45 minutes with 10-15 minutes for questions and discussion, although we are happy to increase the discussion time.
  • Shorter session
    If you are new to speaking perhaps you only want 15-20 minutes for your first time? Then try this.
  • Lightning talks
    Do you have a message to get across and can say it in only 10 minutes? Then this slot is for you!
  • Book reviews
    If you have a suggestion for a book review the SIGIST would be pleased to buy the book for you. Book reviews are generally the shorter 15 minute sessions.
  • Panel sessions
    In the past, panel sessions have proved popular, especially when we can find a good controversial topic (and opinionated speakers). Do you want to facilitate, take part or just suggest a topic?
  • Workshops
    Workshops to small groups of up to 12 often run in parallel to the other talks between morning coffee and afternoon tea giving about 3 hours to get practical skills across.
  • Fun sessions
    We firmly believe that Software Testing is fun - if not then you may be doing it wrong! Challenge us with your ideas. You never know what might be possible.

If you are a UK-based speaker and have an idea for a presentation at a future conference, please complete the Speaker Submission Form.

Note that speakers from outside the UK are normally by invitation only.

If your proposal is selected for a conference, we will be in touch to give you all of the details you will need such as: speaker requirements, materials deadlines, expenses policy, conference location and joining instructions.