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The Met Office Weather Observations Website (WOW) project was the subject of a presentation at the September 2012 PROMS-G (BCS Project Management Specialist Group) meeting.
The PROMS-G Spring School to be held in London in March 2013 is on Management of Risk, and we have some great sessions and speakers lined up for you.
Blogs are supposed to be topical, so please forgive our mentioning the recently-deceased Margaret Thatcher. In her early career, she seemed to suggest that the principles of managing the finances of a nation were no different than those of a thrifty housewife - such as herself - when balancing her weekly shopping budget.
On the 14 May Dr Carolyn Mair and Professor Martin Shepperd gave a presentation to PROMS-G in London examining the problems of cognitive bias in the estimation of the costs and benefits of potential projects. Bob Hughes reports.
In April the government announced that the ownership of the ‘Best Management Practices’ portfolio of professional qualifications - which includes PRINCE2® (a registered trade mark of the Cabinet Office) - was to be taken over by a joint venture, AXELOS, owned partly by Capita (51 per cent) and partly by the UK Government (49 per cent). (Ironically, Axelos was a Marxist philosopher).
Britain has a long and colourful tradition of spectacular government IT project failures - despite a presumably close adherence to PRINCE2.
It was good to be reminded by Mike Hainey that some government IT projects can be great successes. Mike is Head of Data Analytics in the HMRC Risk and Intelligence Services group and spoke about the award-winning HMRC Connect project at the BCS PROMS-G AGM in London in early October.
A friend of Project Eye - let’s call him Nigel - was recently asked by his boss for a photo of himself to accompany some content he had written for some promotional publication his company was putting together.
For project management geeks, agile is still a hot topic. This is especially so with the current controversy over Universal Credits where agile was at one time touted as the magic wand that would solve the problems of large government IT projects - but what about critical chain as an alternative?
2014 is the 500th anniversary of the creation of Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince, which can be seen as one of the first management handbooks. Project Eye sees Machiavelli as a kind of early management consultant who spent most of his time doing various consultancy and interim management jobs for Italian city-states.

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