The engagement may be directly as the role holder, through workgroups or with advocates. Information sharing of findings is vital as career development is a core function of an early career.

Early Careers Executive

Without exception, every member of the Institute has had their first day in the IT industry, even our esteemed president! We all know how daunting those early years can be. The Community Board created the Early Careers Executive to support our IT Industry's future talent to provide you with a safe space to help you navigate your career through this exciting industry.

We have aimed the Early Careers Executive at anyone who considers themselves early in their IT career. Regardless of your route into the industry, whether you're a graduate, apprentice, self-taught, or career changer, you're welcome here as long as you describe yourself as in your early career.

As an executive, we want to build on our colleagues' shoulders' fantastic work at BCS are doing. We aim to bring it all together and to shout it from the rooftops, so you know what is going on for early careers right now, not only for your branch, your specialist group but also your industry more widely.

Key responsibilities and actions

  • Lead engagement with the Learning and development sub-group
  • Coordinate meeting with the career development sector
  • Collate and disseminate information gathered to advocates, the Executive and HQ

Our expectations


We expect that the role holder will attend two out of four executive meetings throughout the year. In addition to this, we expect the holder to be responsible for the completion of tasks that fall within the key responsibilities laid out above.

Personal specification

  • Experience or knowledge of current and emerging career development techniques
  • Good relationships with individuals or businesses working in the IT career development sector
  • Enthusiasm for supporting the community
  • Communicate with accuracy and effectiveness
  • Knowledge of using remote working tools such as MS Teams, email and Slack


The Early Career Advocate will be supported by:

  • The Early Career Executive committee
  • The Community Board, through its committee
  • A training package that will introduce the role's scope and benefits suggests various actions and processes the role holder should take.
  • HQ staff initially via the Early Career Executive Committee