Computer and online basics

An accessible computer and internet qualification for absolute beginners

It stands out from the crowd with a straightforward workbook that learners love and which makes the lives of tutors and administrators so much easier.

Now, it’s easy…

For learners who have never used a computer or been online, the paper workbook provides a friendly and familiar companion, always at their side, guiding them one easy step at a time through the exercises. Learners also appreciate the concern and quality in the workbook that encourages them to overcome fears and find out how much they can now do online.

Tutors like the single workbook too. As a good quality single source, it is easy to hand out and use with learners.

It’s easy too for Course Administrators, with the online BCS Approved Centre Forum (ACF) to register and certify learners and even buy registrations for new learners. The reports from the system make audits easier, too. And with BCS support staff an email or phone call away, any questions can be quickly answered.

What’s in it?

Through five clear, structured sections, learners will cover:

  • Computer Basics - understanding the basic computer parts and terminology, and how to use the computer, keyboard and mouse
  • Introduction to the Desktop
  • Introduction to Documents
  • The World Wide Web
  • Email

These are split into two modules - Computer Basics (the first 3 sections), and Online Basics (the final 2 sections).

There is also a shorter version of the course for those learners who already have basic computer skills, but lack the necessary confidence to get online. For these learners, ‘Online Basics’ provides the perfect course to get them using the internet effectively and safely.

Computer and Online Basics is a qualification developed by ECDL Foundation, the leading international digital skills certification authority.

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Sample workbook

SampleThis sample workbook covers what you will learn in computer and online basics.

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