2014-15 events

Social IT - A Blessing or a Curse

This theme takes in a number of topics with wide ranging appeal whether a front-line delivery technologist or a strategic technology leader; ‘Social IT’ affects us all. With well-known brands investing heavily in maintaining and managing their digital shopfront and social media presence, the sentiment and opinion of customers worldwide is more accessible and visible than ever before. Social media is only one part of the story, though; and ‘Social IT’ covers a lot more than just pictures of cats and babies and sharing details of what you had for dinner.

The ability to transfer information and collaborate quicker and more easily than ever before brings with it a raft of both positive and negative effects. Whether it’s a gamer collaborating with a team-mate from the other side of the world to de-stress after a hard day, or a hacking group working together to maximise the effects of a security exploit to steal data, the smaller world brought by social technologies is the platform which enables us.

Employers increasingly will review an individual’s global presence either prior to or during employment; whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Vine, ‘what happens in Vegas’ no longer stays there; career success or failure can be influenced by how you present yourself online and even the friends you keep and interests you follow.

Then there’s the data... so much data. Whether someone’s conducting market research for targeted advertising, or trawling for more data about their customers, people give away a lot online. All those free collaboration and social engagement tools out there have got to make money, so can you ever really be sure your information is safe from sale to the highest bidder? What happens when your organisation’s information moves to the cloud? What steps do you take to protect yourself, your employees and your customers?

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27 Nov 2014
Social Mapping and BYOD (inc AGM) Jason Brownlee