Relationship building using social media

Thursday 17 November 2011

18:30 start. Refreshments available from 18:00. 20:00 close.

SW101, School of Computing, Cornwallis South, University of Kent, Canterbury CT2 7NF

Relationship Building using Social Media - Jo Dodds

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Social Media Information Architecture - Simon Bostock, Deesons Online

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Social Media Web Stats - Andy Harris, Custwin

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Panel Discussion

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The Kent Branch has convinced three Social Media experts based in Kent to down their online avatars for a little while and discuss their experiences in Social Media. What works? What doesn't? They will share Tips and Best Practice on establishing a successful Social Media presence.

As part of the event, each panelist will include a brief presentation on key Social Media topics. Jo will talk about how to build strong relationships using Social Media. Andy will present how webstats can be used to analyse social media responsiveness in more detail. While Simon will speak about how to arrange your information and think about the Social Media User Experience.

 • Relationship building using social media and the 5 Cs
 • Webstats - boring or profitable?
 • Hooks and Crannies - playful Information Architecture and Social UX


Jo Dodds's main focus is to help businesses to grow through online marketing using a Social Media model, specialising in blogging, SEO and online networking through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Her mission is to simplify online marketing for solopreneurs and small business owners so that they can confidently use it to good effect to get more customers. Jo is @jododds on Twitter.

Andy Harris is passionate about identifying whatever is needed to ensure business websites are a successful part of the marketing mix. He identifies weaknesses and works with clients and resources to create strengths. If consultant wasn't a dirty word he'd probably be known as a "website success consultant". Andy is @custwin on Twitter.

Simon Bostock is an online project manager at Deeson Online. He hates talking about himself in third person and struggles with biographies as a result. Simon is @hypergogue on Twitter.