Washing away cave paintings

Animation and Games Development

Thursday 17 March 2011

18:30 start, refreshments available from 18:00.

Room SW101 School of Computing, Building J3, University of Kent, Canterbury, CT2 7NZ


This is a joint event with the IET Kent Network.

In this talk Ian Hughes will share some of the history of human communication and how the current wave of emerging technology in virtual worlds, inputs and outputs to systems and the increasing social and game related concepts being applied, are the catalyst for massive cultural change.


Chair of the newly formed BCS Animation and Games Development SG, Ian Hughes is also the Director of Feeding Edge Ltd, a company he formed a year ago, having spent 20 years in IBM in emerging technologies, and is credited as a Metaverse Evangelist, having brought big business into virtual worlds from 2006 onwards, including creating the Wimbledon Championships as a virtual world experience.

Ian Hughes is a recognised public speaker, blogger and social media activist, and shares his experiences of the growing virtual worlds industry, the use of game principles, the changes in culture, personal experiences of challenging the status quo, also has participated in many TV and press interviews and numerous publications.