2017 events

Past events held by Newcastle-Upon-Tyne & District Branch in 2017.

Date Event Title Speaker
13 Dec 2017
Building Real Life AI Solutions Frank van Baar
22 Nov 2017
Computing in Schools Various
24 May 2017
Branch AGM followed by Office 365 at the Movies presentation Professor Alastair Irons FBCS CITP.
Christopher Grosberg, Senior Bespoke Consultant, Specialist in Communication and Collaboration, Waterstons.
3 May 2017
What does GDPR mean for IT? Jill Dovey, Associate Solicitor, Muckle LLP and Steve Williams, Executive Transformation Consultant, Waterstons Ltd.
29 Mar 2017
Cloud Computing for Big Data Analytics Paul Watson Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Digital Institute at Newcastle University
1 Mar 2017
How can we use technology in transformational ways to enhance education and learning? Professor Rebecca Strachan, Northumbria University
11 Jan 2017
What should universities be teaching (and how) in their computer science programmes? Anne Jenkinson, Sapphire