The competition is for Students at Further Education or Higher Education, in full-time or part-time education in academic year 2023-2024.

Entrants should submit an interesting and entertaining commentary made from playing or spectating any video game. Entries will be a clip of 1-minute capturing the essence of the event.

All entries to be submitted by a single point of contact from that educational establishment

Submit to the special Solent email competition to with a copy of the entry to also be sent to by 12.00 (noon), Friday 17 May 2024.

The point of contact, usually a lecturer (who does not need to be a BCS member), will enter publicly available URLs (YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Vimeo) representing each entry onto a special website - the details can be sent to the point of contact.

Entrants can use popular streaming websites such as Twitch to submit clipped commentaries that they have made or URLs for sites such as YouTube with start and end times representing the minute entry, or uploaded screen captures of the event to a suitable publicly available site.

Rules of the competition
  • Entries are invited from individuals or groups of students at all levels whether in full-time or part-time study.
  • Entries from around the world and from a varied gaming audience are welcome.
  • The commentary language should be English, or have English subtitles applied.
  • Offensive and intolerant language and behaviour must be avoided in entries.
  • Games commentated on should be PEGI 16 (equivalent) or below in their content rating.
  • Each person or group is allowed to submit only 1 entry. Individual members of a group are also allowed to submit 1 individual entry each in addition to the single group entry – maximum group size of four.
  • The nature of game and commentary content will be considered in context by the judges.
  • The Point of Contact should submit entries, by Friday 17 May 2024 for their educational establishment, with the identification of the author(s) for each entry, and the full contact details of the nominated Point of Contact, e.g. full name, name and address of the educational establishment, and email address.
  • Each academic establishment may submit up to 10 entries; it is left to the points of contact to sift down to this limit, if more than 10 entries are submitted to them.
  • The BCS AGD SG Panel will assess all submitted entries and narrow down a top ten for further consideration by an BCS AGD Final Specialist Panel.
  • All entries must be free from any copyright, potential legal limitations or other issues that might cause offence.
  • The judges’ decision is final.
  • The commentaries and names, and the academic establishments of the Winners, Runners-up and Highly Commended may be put on the BCS website.
  • Certificates for winner, runners-up and highly commended entries, together with bragging rights in this ground breaking competition.
  • The BCS must be assigned copyright and media rights and all other rights appropriate for the competition, so all entries could be made public and/or put on the various websites.