Entries are invited from individuals at all levels of study: postgraduate, undergraduate or in further education, whether in full-time or part-time study; open to BCS and non-BCS members. Applications are welcomed from overseas and the UK.

The expected themes are on: Promoting Games, original applications and/or innovation within the games and animation industries.

The competition provides an opportunity for students to enhance their CVs, by receiving a Certificate confirming they are winners, runners-up and Highly Commended in international competitions. There are prizes available for 1st place (humble bundle or raspberry pi), with certificates for top 3 posters!

Poster Guidelines

  • One entry per student, and the language should be English
  • Criteria for judging: quality, content (clearly understood), clarity and interesting idea
  • Poster should be A4 in size
  • Be submitted as a PDF

The student submitting the poster will retain IP and copyright over the proposal but will provide BCS with media rights and all other rights appropriate for the competition, so all poster could be made public and/or put on the various web site.

The process for your poster application

  • Email your poster idea to your nominated contact, normally a lecturer, to AGDcomp@bcs.org. The point of contact does not need to be a BCS member.
  • We will then post the name of the nominated point of contact along with that of the establishment, its location (town and country) on our Webpage, for other students at that establishment to see.
  • Each student is allowed to propose only one poster idea
  • After you have developed your poster idea - submit your poster to your establishment’s contact as a high quality PDF
  • Your point of contact should then email all the submitted poster files to AGDcomp@bcs.org by 15 of June 2015 with a subject heading of 'A&G Poster Competition' followed by the name of their establishment and information on each student (course, year of study, BCS member). This allows us to compile and manage submissions near the deadline much easier!

Participating Establishments of Higher Education include

Bath Spa University. Nigel Newbutt
Southampton Solent University, Andrew Mitchell
University of Greenwich, Damon Daylamani-Zad
University of Portsmouth, Jane Chandler
University of Southampton, Rikki Prince
The Glasgow School of Art, Daniel Livingstone