Like many industries, there are complex and wide-ranging challenges we firstly have to face. At BCS, we’re facing them together as a priority.

BCS commitments

  • We have been working with and listening to our members to establish our first specialist group focused on ethnic minorities in IT. ‘EMBRACE’ will be launched imminently
  • BCS will initiate conversations amongst our members where we promote learning and development, to help drive increased engagement and support members to be active agents of positive change in IT
  • Diversity and inclusion is a priority on the executive team's agenda
  • Internally, we are working to ensure we can promote diversity and inclusion externally with legitimacy

BCS’s slogan is ‘Making IT good for society’, therefore it is our responsibility, as the professional body for IT, to ensure the chartered professionals in our industry are representative and diverse, especially as the future talent pipeline emerges.

Join in

Discover BCS membership! You will be joining a thriving community of IT professionals and benefits include access to regular events, conferences, meetings, as well the chance to join our members’ groups such as EMBRACE.

Share your support

BCS regularly polls IT professionals and members on topical issues. Our surveys are one way that we listen to our members’ opinions and this helps to form our positions on major areas of public policy. Keep a look out for polls around diversity and inclusion.


Only 0.7% of IT specialists are black women


Only 11% of IT directors are from an ethnic minority background

9 in 10

Almost 9 in 10 ethnic minority IT specialists have a HE qualification

Get involved

Do you want to know more about our policy work or have views about diversity in tech policy you would like to share? Would your organisation like to get involved with our STEM research or carry out a joint campaign with BCS? If so, we want to hear from you! To share your opinions and to find out more about partnering with us, get in touch at

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Health and care

Digital health is undergoing rapid transformation and BCS, as the professional body for IT, is committed to supporting the establishment of recognised professional standards in this sector. This will enable and empower digital health professionals to mitigate risks and provide secure, insight-driven data to improve patient care.

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We support the teaching of rigorous and relevant computer science across the academic spectrum, from primary school to university. We are also the end-point assessor for the thriving digital apprenticeship sector. The UK currently faces a major skills gap and education is the key to kickstarting innovation and sustaining our future economy.

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Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI is rapidly affecting all aspects of our lives, but the pace of professional practice doesn’t always keep up with its impact. BCS helps to find solutions to the big public policy questions where AI is used - from facial recognition technology, recruitment, health care and logistics. BCS believes that developing and maintaining a diverse and inclusive AI sector is central to reducing bias in machine learning and delivering AI applications that are fit-for-purpose and developed by professionals that are representative of our society.

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Tech and society

BCS believes in making IT good for society - part of this is navigating the transformative benefits of IT and digital technology safely and securely. BCS works in a variety of ways with the government, public sector, the private industry and civil society to generate practical solutions to key issues such as online harms, cyber security and data security and protection.

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