Community Board Best Practice Committee

The Best Practice committee’s role includes encouraging the development and sharing of best practice between BCS Member Groups; providing advice, guidance and mentoring services for individual member groups as required, and working with the Community Team on the organisation and agenda for Member Group events.

The Community Board Best Practice Committee successfully host the Branches and Specialist Groups conventions twice a year in Spring and Autumn.

Committee Members

Garfield Southall, Chair, MB Best Practice Committee
Garfield is chair of BCS Chester and North Wales Branch, and Director of the NTI (New Technology Initiative) at the University of Chester.

Peter Abrahams
Secretary of the Digital Accessibility Specialist Group

Kevin Chalmers

Karen Tuck
Interim Head of Community.

Haiyan Wu, Chair of YPG
I am Haiyan and am relatively new to the BCS Community Board. I am Chinese and moved to England in my GCSE years. I have always wanted to be involved in BCS work and have been involved in a number of committees throughout the years, including:

1. BCS Community Board Best Practice Committee - committee member

2. BCS Young Professional Group (YPG) - Chair

3. BCS Council - Council member

4. BCS West London Branch - Secretary and Membership Secretary

I feel well supported by colleagues within and associated to BCS.

I am based in London and have been working in Epidemiology and Public Health in academic/ research institutions and government department for a number of years. Having managed a national disease specific register, I have now moved on to a role which is responsible for facilitating access to health and social care data assets and providing a systematic, consistent and coherent approach to the review of requests for information to support the provision of health and social care or the promotion of health in ensuring that there is a legal and legitimate purpose for processing personal confidential data and that any risk of disclosure is minimised.

My main objective in the BCS Community Board and the Council is to promote work surrounding the Young Professionals Group (YPG).

Please do visit our YPG website for regular updates.


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Community Board Best Practice - Recent Meeting Minutes

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Recent Meeting Minutes

Recognition of Appreciation

We would like to encourage you to nominate suitable candidates for the various levels of Recognition of Appreciation awards. More information about these and the nomination form can be found below.

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Please find below a list of the awards already awarded:

Branch Service Award (previous awards structure)

Frank Moran 2001
Ruth Marsden 2002
Geoff Ling 2003
Jim Kennedy 2003
John McCloy 2003
Ted Stuart 2003
Bernard Apps 2003
Noel Cox 2004
Alan Harrison 2005
Betty McCarthy 2005
Roy Newell 2005
Ted Murphy 2006
Geoff Chapman 
Mike Stone 2007
Patrick Roberts 2007


Certificate of Appreciation Award

Seb Rose
Margus Lind
Lee Parry
Fran Paterson
Allan Davidson
Chris Lawrence
James Hammond
Hollie Whittles
Nick Dibben 2010
Donald Stuart 2010
Mike Underwood 2010
Jon Bolton 2011
Ben Gunn 2011
John Rendall 2011
Christine Topliss 2011
Mike Underwood 2011
Roger Whitton 2011
Jeffery Hillmore 2011
Brian Swindells
Mary Garvey
Paul Boca
John Hopkinson
Anthony Miller 2011
James Anderson 2012
Ian Hughes 2013
Robert Pehrson 2013
Richard Maddison 2013
Keith Gordon 2013


Meritorious Service Award

Adrian Williamson
Andy Moattari
George McDermid 2009
Peter Barker 2009
Rajan Anketell 2009
Beti Williams 2010
Richard David 2010
Leslie Neal 2010
Paul Jagger 2011
Geoff Chapman 2011
Richard Jardine 2011
Keith Taylor 2011
John Gardner
John Mitchell
David Muxworthy
Dorothy Balmer
Anthony Parker 2011
John McCloy 2012
Roger Saunders 2013
John Hawes 2013
Jooli Atkins 2013


John Ivinson Award

Susan Black 2009
Graham Brookes 
Ralph Miller 2011
Margaret Ross 2011
Andrew McGettrick 2011
Geoff Staples 2012

For the list of Honorary and Distinguished Fellows, please visit the below pages:

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