As part of the new strategy which is focused on ‘making IT good for society’, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT aims to run a series of challenges around key IT issues which affect society.

The first topic will be personal data and the challenges will then move on to subjects such as capability, health and care and education. These challenges will be centred around empowering purposed communities with a view to creating a culture of BCS members making IT good for society.

Through the use of challenges, BCS will be giving new and existing groups the chance to share ideas and work collaboratively with a view to disentangling relevant IT related issues. These groups will have the chance to make an impact on the future of IT, an impact within industry and in society generally by helping to change the IT landscape for the greater good.

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Personal data

We are committed to making personal data work for everyone. We want to put people in control and at the same time empower organisations to use data in more beneficial ways, with genuine trust on both sides.
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Recruitment within the IT industry is broken - employers cannot find the right candidates to fill vacancies and yet employees cannot find the jobs.
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