Shining a light on post Brexit Britain

We recently hosted our Brexit IT Impact event in Manchester. We took the opportunity to get some of the most influential people in our industry together, to debate how the IT industry could shape our country and society once we leave the EU. Watch the highlights from the event.

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Brexit as catalyst
October 2016 saw BCS running its latest IT Impact event ‘Shining the light on post-Brexit Britain’. It emerged that, if anything, the opportunities and issues which have arisen from the recent vote to leave the European Union are those the UK should be addressing anyway. Brian Runciman MBCS reports.
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BCS on digital Brexit - get involved
Personal and political views on Brexit aside, the task for BCS is to understand how to plan for a successful digital future outside the EU. David Evans, BCS Director of Policy and Communities, presents some thoughts on what the BCS community could do, and how you can get involved in the conversation.
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How to keep UK IT great
BCS, its members and its expert groups are all contributing to the creation of a vibrant post-Brexit IT future. Despite the prevailing sense of uncertainty around Brexit, there is one undeniable fact: a robust digital environment is crucial to the long term success of the UK. Read more

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Watch Mark Goyder interview Rohan Silva, Josh Valman and Geoff Mulgan prior to our recent Brexit IT Impact event.

Watch Mark Goyder CEO and founder of Tomorrow’s company in conversation with our IT Impact host David McClelland.

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Brexit as catalyst for change for good
Trump, the System and Brexit - what's that all got to do with BCS? David Evan's blog explains all, and shows how you can get involved.


As part of the new strategy which is focused on ‘Making IT good for society’, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT aims to run a series of challenges around key IT issues which affect society.

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