Events and community

IT has the potential to change society and it's our job to make sure it's for the better.

Technology is all around us, and each of these areas impact our lives - at home, at work, when we are out shopping, when we use health services... it’s hard to find an area that’s not affected by technology in some way.

We’re keen to raise awareness of this impact and to fulfil our Royal Charter to ‘make IT good for society’, which is all about putting people first and technology second. We want our members, and indeed everyone in society, to come together to bring about positive change.

IT Impact series

IT Impact events give you the opportunity to deepen your understanding of key societal issues, the debates are motivating and will inspire you to think differently about how you can get involved. Register your interest for an upcoming event or take a look at the thought-provoking content generated through the IT Impact series so far.

BCS Voices

With BCS Voices we are encouraging our members, those who want to make IT good for society, to meet, discuss and contribute to the debate around our four key challenges, health and care, education, capability and personal data.