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Thank you for visiting our BCS Voices toolkit download page

We have created a library of tools to help you host, promote and share your BCS Voices conversations.

Promoting your conversations

All templates and social media sharing ideas found opposite have been designed to help you host and promote your debates.

Our posters and banners can be downloaded and displayed to promote your topic and when and where you will discuss it.

We even have a small number of pull up banners you might want to borrow which you can order from us at voices@bcs.uk

Use our sample posts across social media channels to share the content of your debate and generate interest in the topic.

We’ve developed visuals to include with your posts to make them stand out in your followers’ feeds.

Hosting your conversations

The conversation starters we have developed as part of your BCS Voices toolkit enable you to share opinion and create debate.

Encouraging your attendees to complete and share a pledge card is a great way to capture thoughts and ideas around how your group contributed to making IT good for society.

Summarise your discussion and let us know

  • Your group’s key ideas
  • Insights or points of view that surprised you
  • Snappy expressions or thought-provoking phrases that came out of your discussions
  • Food for thought you didn’t have time to discuss further (you may be able to seed someone else’s discussion!)
  • What your group would like to see as next steps
  • Your group’s views on the BCS’s role

Share your conversations

After your conversation, share the outcome or issues you discussed on the online community and on social media. Encourage others to comment or vote on the discussion. Add your voice to conversations others have posted, we will use your thoughts and ideas to help us drive change.

Continue to spread the word on social media using #ITGoodForSociety

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