Get involved

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We know time is precious. Balancing work and life commitments can be a challenge. But even if you’ve only got five minutes to spare, there are ways you can get involved and get more from your membership.


A few minutes?

Why not read an article in our specialist newsletter or join a discussion on social media by commenting on a post? The BCS policy hub gives you the opportunity to have your say on legislation that’s affecting you.

Coffee cup

An hour or so?

Grab a coffee with your colleagues and start building conversations around how you can make a difference to society. Need something to start you off? BCS Voices offers a platform for you to meet, share opinions and create debates around the key IT issues impacting our everyday lives.


A couple of hours?

You could attend one of the many specialist events which are held all over the country. Take a look at what we’ve got coming up.


A few hours?

Why not share your knowledge and experience with other IT professionals by becoming a BCS mentor? Your insight and experience could prove invaluable to a mentee.

Group of people

An evening?

Join your fellow IT professionals at one of our IT impact events and debate the issues affecting the industry. Have a look at our previous events and see what you could become a part of.

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A day?

Does your employer support pro bono work? Would you like to help a good cause? If so, you could volunteer for a charity like the Turing Trust, promoting education and training through the use of IT in sub-Saharan Africa.

They are reusing equipment donated by organisations and individuals to provide skills development opportunities, both in Africa and the UK, while reducing waste and supporting a more sustainable and environmentally friendly society.


Join a committee

Our branches and international sections are active throughout the world, and every meeting and event is coordinated by their group’s volunteer committee.


Become an assessor

By nurturing professional development and exceptional standards, assessors are key to our industry’s success and growth. Could you fulfil this role?


Have you gone the extra mile?

We want to hear from BCS members who have undertaken pro bono or voluntary work related to IT? We’d love to learn about the impactful things you’re doing to support causes/people so we can showcase the good that our members do. Share your experience by emailing us at:

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Already involved

Take a look at some examples of our members who have gone and continue to go the extra mile.

Andrew Clark

David Brew