Digital youth

Most social media platforms are not designed to be accessed by young people; but the reality is that young people spend many hours using them.

Over 6,500 young people told us what they wanted from social media that would keep them safe from abuse and bullying, and help them navigate this landscape safely.

Find out more about children's views on online safety

75% of young people think social media companies should automatically block offensive or abusive messages

Views on the discussion event

BCS supported the PEEL project which seeks to address the link between increased social media use and declining self-esteem, and as part of the project launch we held a discussion event to discuss young people's current digital environment.

Marian Cramers

Director, Global Network Agencies
Crimson Hexagon

Ben Spencer

Head of Brand Management

Rachel Piper

Policy Manager

Hattie Fitzgerald

Communications Manager - Child Safety Online

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About the PEEL Project

Inspiring young people to connect on a deeper level.

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Discussion report

Summarising what was discussed at the PEEL launch.

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Age of data consent

Our survey says the public think 13 is too young.

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