Branch AGM 2012 with a “Double bill of futuristic computing”

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Trophy Suite, Tally Ho! Sports & Conference Centre, Pershore Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B5 7RN


The AGM will be followed by a “Double Bill of Futuristic Computing” with David McMahon of Ridgian.


Double bill of futuristic computing
The two sessions in the “Double bill of futuristic computing” will be:

A Quantum of Computing: David will provide his own look into the far future with a brief resume of the world of Quantum  Computing. Serious research is now being conducted into Quantum Computing and Quantum Computing devices. Some people claim to have already created them, but others refute the claims. It’ll be fun, mind-blowing and you will get a glimpse of what could be in store for us in the coming years - why the future of search may be in harnessing the power of the sub-atomic and why SSL’s future prospects may not be so rosy...

Relativistic Computing: In this session David will present a Relativity 101 and then go on to explain how some computer scientists have proposed making use of General Relativity and it’s bizarre effects to boost the computing speed of computers. No previous knowledge of relativity is expected or required - just a very open mind!

About the Presenter:

David McMahon is a SharePoint MVP and is a Software Systems Architect for Ridgian, a Microsoft Gold Partner. Over his 15 years in the industry following a career in the RAF David has worked with and gained extensive experience of SQL Server, XML/XSLT and ASP.NET Web Application Development. He has worked at Ridgian for the past 8 years delivering solutions to the public and private sector.

AGM documents:

Chairman's Report for 2012 (PDF)
Treasurer's Report for 2012 (PDF)
Agenda for AGM 2012 (PDF)
Minutes for AGM 2012 (PDF)