Chris Galley FBCS CITP

Chris is a non-executive chairman, part time technology strategist and CTO. He brings a wealth of IT experience combined with the ability to bridge the gap between business and technology. Current roles include chairman of Park-IT, part of the Holiday Extras group; leading the division for an event management company developing a SaaS wedding and event management system; Director of IP for accesso Technology Group plc; and performing technology due diligence both directly for businesses and for private equity clients. Chris is the subject matter expert for the GDPR implementation in various businesses and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in improving the way IT changes communication abilities and the trust relationships between individuals and businesses.

Chris is a Fellow of the BCS and a Chartered IT Professional, he has an MBA from Edinburgh University and an MA in Computer Science from Cambridge University. Chris has served on the Registration and Standards committee of the BCS since July 2015 and is a member of the Department for Education Digital T-level employers' panel.

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