Philip Ross MBCS CITP CEng

Philip Ross is a Chartered Engineer and a Chartered IT Professional. He was an elected trustee of the BCS for seven years from 1999 and was a strong advocate of reform in the society and the subsequent change in governance.

In 1999 he helped found the Professional Contractors Group (PCG) as a trade association for freelance workers and became its first External Affairs Director. He became a member of the Home Office IT Sector Panel and was instrumental of negotiating reform into the way that skill shortages were measured and on the issue of work permits to non-EU workers. The PCG - which is now known as IPSE - was one of the first groups to have been founded on the internet, one of the first to use on-line crowd funding and was the first organisation to submit an e-petition to Parliament. Philip remains a thought leader in the area of self-employment and in 2016 co-authored an influential report by Co-operatives(UK), entitled ‘Not Alone - trade union and co-operative solutions for the self-employed’.

Philip began his IT career working as a COBOL programmer supporting the construction of Caterpillar trucks. He subsequently moved to Sage where, as a part of a small programming team, he helped develop their payroll, accounting and contact management system. He has worked in the City of London for investment banks on assets management and derivative systems, as well as in insurance running a multi-national team on aviation insurance. He moved into consultancy in 2012, where his focus is on business analysis and strategic management with a specialisation on digital transformation and payment systems.

Philip is a member of BSi committee on Sustainable Communities and Smart Cities. He is the former Mayor of Letchworth Garden City and is an international speaker on garden cities. He is also the author of ‘Freedom to Freelance’ and ‘21st Century Garden Cities of To-morrow’.

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