Professor Ann Blandford

Professor Ann BlandfordAnn Blandford is Professor of Human–Computer Interaction (HCI) at UCL, Director of UCL Institute of Digital Health and Chair of the UK Computing Research Committee (UKCRC).

Following a degree in mathematics, she started her career in industry, as a software engineer, but soon moved into academia, where she developed a focus on the use and usability of computer systems. She leads research projects studying health technology design, patient safety and user experience, with a focus on situated interactions. This has included programmes of research on making medical devices safer (CHI+MED) and on understanding practices in intravenous medication administration (ECLIPSE), focusing particularly on the design of infusion devices, the broader systems of practice within which they are used, and how these impact on patient safety.

She also leads research on how health technologies can be designed to support citizen engagement, for health management (e.g. sexual health) and wellness (e.g. physical activity and diet). She has over 200 international, peer-reviewed publications, and also Synthesis Lectures on “Interacting with Information” and on Qualitative research in HCI.