Cyber Security Blueprint in Health and Care

Blueprint for cyber security in health and care

The WannaCry ransomware attacks on Friday 12 May led to ambulances being turned away from hospitals and operations being cancelled in 48 NHS trusts across the country.

This cannot be a state of affairs that can be allowed to happen again. This is why we have worked alongside our professional community, with partner organisations and stakeholders to deliver this Blueprint.

This Blueprint, which we have launched as a shared, collaborative piece of work aims to provide a benchmark in best practice for cyber security in health and care. It outlines a roadmap, with steps that NHS trusts should take to avoid another crippling cyber-attack.

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This Blueprint is supported by a wide range of organisations and individuals, including; BT, IBM, Royal College of Nursing, Patients Association, Microsoft and many more. To find out more or to get involved please contact us

Organisations supporting the Blueprint

'Patients should be able to trust that hospital computer systems are as solid as the first-class doctors and nurses that make our NHS the envy of the world’ David Evans, Director of Policy, BCS

WannaCry at a glance

On 12 May news emerged that organisations - including the NHS - had been hit by a ransomware attack. Called WannaCry the malware went on to affect nearly 50 NHS trusts. Around the globe, over 200,000 machines were taken down across 150 countries. Governments, businesses and hospitals were crippled. The recovery has now begun.