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The way we use information and technology to deliver health and care has a critical impact on citizens and our communities.

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The annual conference takes place in Edinburgh on 3 and 4 October 2017. Sessions include Technology Enabled Care and Patient Engagement & Care Quality Improvement, find out more or register.

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As part of the Federation of Informatics Professionals (Fed-IP) we believe in building better health and care by bringing together and inspiring the professionals who can harness information and technology, and have the integrity to put people and their communities first.

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NHS versus ransomware - the dangers of cure by tickbox
BCS VoicesThe WannaCry ransomware attack disrupted 48 NHS organisations, caused departments to be shut and operations to be cancelled. In short, people's lives were affected.

What lessons should we take from the attack? What questions should NHS boards ask? Should IT and security departments change the way they work? Should patients think differently about their data in the NHS? Tell us what you think