Health and care is transforming through the application of IT

The challenges in health and care are significant to BCS. Services in the UK continue to face unprecedented demands, pressurised budgets, complex organisational change and technology exposures that can devastate such as ransom attacks.

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The role of BCS in health and care is to unite the people with the drive and vision to transform the health and care industry... with the people who know how to make that vision work.

'It's not just about the technology it's about the people, it's about the work, it's about the culture.'
Dr Robert Wachter MD, Chair of the National Advisory Group on Health Information Technology in England

We are creating an environment where medical, healthcare and informatics professionals collaborate for the benefit of all. The end goal is to create a person-centred health care system that will improve the quality of healthcare for patients.

Understanding NHS digital strategy

Read an explanation of how the NHS seeks to remain true to the core principles it was founded on whilst adapting to people living longer and requiring more complex and expensive care to support them.