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IT Impact event - Health and care

Through real stories of person centred care, applying new strategic methods and understanding the challenges of leadership, we explored the role of IT in transforming health and care around the needs of individuals.
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In conversation with…

We talked to Dr Robert Wachter MD who is a world authority in the field of digital healthcare management. He is Professor and Interim Chairman of the Department of Medicine at the University of California. An expert and leader in the fields of patient safety and healthcare quality he has been honoured for his contributions. Watch him discuss The Wachter Review: Making IT Work: Harnessing the Power of Health Information Technology to Improve Care in England.

BCS VoicesHealth and care discussions on BCS Voices

A selection of subjects ranging from GP consultations to whether sharing wearable data is a good idea, see what our members are talking about.

BCS Health Group

BCS Health was formed to cover all aspects of informatics in support of health, providing leadership in this sector, acting as a source of professionally recognised expertise, under-pinning the outward-facing role of BCS, and ensuring that contributors to health informatics are recognised and respected. BCS Health are creating an engaging professionalism programme for the IT workforce in health and care. Find out more.