For IT leaders, their top business priorities for the year is put as a direct question, but for IT professionals this was phrased as what they think the priorities should be. Here we present two snapshots of the data. The first is a view of the top business priority, the second a combined rank of priorities rated in the top three.

Rank of number one priorities:

Leaders % Professionals %
Business transformation 26 Business transformation 19
Operational efficiencies 15 Remote and hybrid working 11
Business continuity planning 12 Business continuity planning 10
Replacing legacy systems 9 Replacing legacy systems 10
CRM 7 Ret/reward high performers 10
Remote and hybrid working 7 Staff engagement and wellbeing 10
Regulatory compliance 6 Operational efficiencies 7
Ret/reward high performers 5 CRM 5
Staff engagement and wellbeing 5 Implementing sustainability policies 5
Recruitment 4 Regulatory compliance 5
Other 3 Other 5
Implementing sustainability policies 2 Recruitment 4

Combined ranking of business priorities that appeared in the top three:

Leaders % Professionals %
Business transformation 50 Business transformation 37
Operational efficiencies 50 Staff engagement and wellbeing 36
Remote and hybrid working 32 Operational efficiencies 34
Replacing legacy systems 31 Remote and hybrid working 33
Business continuity planning 30 Replacing legacy systems 31
Staff engagement and wellbeing 24 Ret/reward high performers 31
CRM 22 Business continuity planning 23
Regulatory compliance 15 CRM 16
Ret/reward high performers 13 Implementing sustainability policies 16
Recruitment 9 Regulatory compliance 15
Implementing sustainability policies 8 Recruitment 12
Other 8 Other 7

Business transformation has consistently been a top priority in this survey - nearly always followed by operational efficiencies. Where differences first appear they are explainable - operational efficiency should clearly feature much more highly for IT leaders than IT professionals, and so it does.

Perhaps in other areas we should see more parity - IT professionals had staff engagement and wellbeing as their second most important priority, but this is lower for managers. Retention and reward of high performing staff was a much higher priority for IT professionals than for IT leaders.

A small noteworthy difference: professionals rate the importance of implementing sustainability policies more highly than leaders whichever way we cut the data.