Paul Fletcher, CEO

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT was founded in 1957 to ensure that the small but growing role of computing in our lives was positive, ethical and transformational. From WW2 codebreaking to medical research our profession has always innovated in response to society’s needs.

Today, as large parts of the world's population battle the spread of coronavirus in isolation we are reliant on computing and digital services to connect us to our families and colleagues like never before.

And so I want to say to our 60,000 members working in IT across the world; to the 17,000 Digital Apprentices registered with us; to the 30,000 teachers who belong to our Computing at School network; to the Universities whose courses depend on our accreditation; to the public and private organisations who value our independent validation of IT professionalism - including the NHS; thank you.

BCS is committed to harnessing the power of computing to improve people's lives during this crisis, by offering expertise to those who need it most.

Our members are now:

  • Linking up with established charities who can direct their IT skills to benefit the most vulnerable in society.
  • Helping their local communities, getting people online and troubleshooting tech issues on mainstream platforms like Facebook.
  • Working hard in our branches like Berkshire to protect people from online threats, in community groups, using national cyber security centre resources.
  • Contributing to joined-up approaches to support parents, teachers and children to continue their learning and stay well through our Computing at School (CAS) network.
  • Channelling the diverse skills of our volunteer community to support NHS informaticians, working to support the digital health infrastructure.
  • Supporting training providers and apprentices continue their training and development while they are not in the workplace.
  • Joining with innovative collectives like @hackquarantine, where our Student Chapters in particular are working with experts around the world to seek digital solutions to COVID-19. 

Together, we have an immense body of knowledge and experience to use for the good of society and we will put it to work now.

Our new campaign, vITal workers, is highlighting, recognising and celebrating the incredible contribution that IT professionals are making during these unprecedented times.