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Are you looking for independent endorsement of your skills and performance in the industry? Demonstrate your credibility and commitment by becoming chartered.

TickVerify your expertise through independent assessment of your skills and knowledge

TickUnderpin your relevance in the tech industry and the value you bring to your business

TickConfirm your position as a dedicated and credible IT specialist, with letters after your name

TickOptimise your employability by demonstrating current competence


Choose your chartered registration

Chartered IT Professional (CITP)
Are you working with technology to bring about business transformation?

Chartered Engineer (CEng)
Do you use technology to develop solutions in an industrial setting?


It’s very important for the progression of the IT industry that we embrace standards. If we don’t we will fail to earn the respect of our customers.
Richard Atkinson, CIO, Just Giving


ShieldWhy BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT?

Your performance in the technology industry places you at the very heart of our royal charter. You’re actively driving up standards of professional competence, conduct and ethical practice in the industry, for the benefit of society.

Our commitment to you as a chartered BCS member is to support your progression and enrich your career with professional development opportunities that empower you to effect positive technology-led change.