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Business consultancy Glue Reply has partnered with BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT and is reaping the benefits of BCS Organisational Membership, joining the likes of Post Office, Allianz, National Grid, Rolls Royce, Oxfam and a whole host of others.

Paul Vingoe MBCS, an Associate Partner at Glue Reply, explains: “Joining this scheme demonstrates our commitment to professionalism. The standards, values and credibility that professional membership brings will greatly benefit our company. It also means our clients will see that we are serious about our employees and professional development which in turn will help grow our revenue and size of organisation.”

Glue Reply’s IT team will now be eligible for BCS professional membership and the associated benefits. BCS Organisational Membership offers a way for companies to increase their return on IT investment and raise the profile of their IT teams. In addition, by encouraging employees to join, by paying their subscription, employers can ensure that their IT practitioners are professional and have access to career development tools, industry standards, best practice information and a host of networking opportunities to enhance their knowledge and professionalism.

David Evans, BCS Membership Director explains: “Today IT plays a massive part in all organisations that goes far beyond the technology. Reputation rests on customer experience and that experience is often underpinned by visible and invisible technology, whether it is online secure shopping, banking, or ensuring that logistics work efficiently, IT is behind it all. As a result we are seeing more organisations coming to us from all sectors, not just those in the technology sector, who want to support and reinforce their commitment to the professionalism of their IT teams.”

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Glue Reply's Paul Vingoe being presented with the BCS Organisational Membership plaque
Glue Reply's Paul Vingoe being presented
with the BCS Organisational
Membership plaque