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BCS membership for your team

We've got the tools and support you need to strengthen the performance and professionalism of your team.

BCS membership gives your IT people exclusive access to a wide range of services and benefits designed to accelerate their career development.

  • Personal Development Plan
    Now it’s easy for your staff to plan and keep a portable, online record of their professional development including the actions they’ve taken - and the steps they need to take - to achieve their goals.
  • Career Mentoring Network
    BCS members can match up with a mentor or mentee to tap into experience, learn from past successes (and failures) and discover tried and tested business practices, while expanding their network and their horizons.
  • Industry knowledge
    Our flagship magazine and weekly newsletters are written by experts for experts, featuring articles, blogs, news and reviews to keep your team up to date with industry developments.
  • BCS community
    Enable your staff to find their voice in the wider IT community, to network and to exchange and discuss ideas - with events of all sizes held across the UK. There are more than 50 specialist groups to choose from and nearly as many local branches so, whatever their area of interest, members have the chance to meet like-minded IT professionals, explore their subject and expand their knowledge.

Recognition for your team and your organisation

BCS members enjoy industry recognition with letters after their name. As an organisational member, you’ll also receive a BCS plaque displaying your organisation’s commitment to IT professionalism, and you can use our BCS logo endorsement online and off.

Sean Sadler"Having a BCS partnership really engenders a spirit of continual improvement within my team and a collective will to work towards industry recognised certification, which further enhances IT’s value and capability to the business."

Sean Sadler MBCS CITP, Head of IT
Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Ltd
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Individual benefits

The benefits of BCS Organisational Membership can be divided into three main categories. Click the images below to find out more.




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Paul VingoeGlue Reply
"Joining this scheme shows our commitment to professionalism."

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