What is a research placement?

The NRP programme provides engaging, hands-on research projects, where Year 12 students have the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution towards the work of a host organisation through a well-supervised but independent research collaboration relating to an area of science, quantitative social science, computing, technology, engineering or maths (or a combination!).

Why offer a placement?

We're on a mission, by royal charter, to raise professional standards across the IT industry and to ensure we have the right level of talent coming into the profession to continue to drive our economy.

Nuffield Research Placements give young people from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to gain skills and confidence in science and research. More importantly, it gives them inspiration from working with motivated and dedicated professionals and organisations, such as yours, to get into a STEM career via higher education and apprenticeships.

Provide staff with opportunities to apply and develop their coaching, mentoring and management skills

Work with top students to make significant contributions to your projects

Inspire the next generation of researchers and developers, developing future talent

Make progress towards organisational and strategic CSR objectives with the public

What's involved?

The placements are provided by the Nuffield Foundation and include a online introduction as well as the forms and materials needed to support the individual throughout the placement.

Nuffield currently work with organisations including universities, local government and tech companies to deliver these placements. What they all share is a commitment to sharing their passion for their business with young people from their local area.

Apply to offer a placement

Employers who are interested in supporting students through a supervised research project can register for more information.