Benchmark your knowledge and skills against the recognised industry standard

Demonstrate your current competence to clients and employers and the value you bring

Set yourself apart as a highly-skilled IT professional with integrity and dedication to your work

Use the letters CITP after your name for greater recognition in the tech industry and beyond

Help to raise the profile of your profession and play a part in shaping its development

Is it for me?

You're ready to become CITP if you are:

  • engaged in challenging and complex activities across the business
  • in a position of influence and responsibility
  • committed to continuing your professional development

What are the requirements?

  • Agreement to abide by the BCS code of conduct through professional membership of BCS
  • If you are not a member of BCS the information you provide in your application for CITP registration will also be used to assess you for membership
  • You will be assessed against the criteria set out in the CITP standard

Chartered IT Professional (CITP) registration for serving members of UK Armed Forces

BCS has an agreement with the RAF and the Royal Corp of Signals that means your application for CITP registration will be assessed in house and sent to BCS to arrange your peer review interview.

If you are not a BCS member the information you provide in your application with your CV will be used to assess your IT work experience for membership at the grade of Member when your application for professional registration is received by BCS.

How to apply

To join the register of Chartered IT Professionals, you're required to complete and application form and provide evidence your experience in an area of IT specialism and knowledge across the breadth of the IT profession. You will need to submit an up to date CV and experience statement. You will also undertake an interview with BCS chartered assessors.

Before you apply

Please ensure you read the criteria for registration as set out in the CITP standard published by BCS. Your application will be assessed against these criteria.

Please also read the guidance for completing your experience statement which also includes the criteria you will need to meet to demonstrate your breadth of knowledge.

Your qualifications

If you hold a degree with FULL CITP accreditation, you won't need to include evidence of your breadth of knowledge in your experience statement as your qualification provides us with the evidence we need. Check your qualification - your degree is eligible if it's listed in this search with Full CITP level of accreditation.

Your application

To begin your application for CITP registration you'll need to complete an application form and:

  • Complete an experience statement which must include specific examples to demonstrate how you meet the criteria for assessment.
  • Please refer to the guide to completing your personal statement but note that as you are not submitting your application online the character limits do not apply but should be used for guidance.
  • Provide a CV. Your CV needs to include a description of the relevant key tasks and responsibilities for all your IT work experience, including your existing/most recent role, and a summary of all relevant qualifications
  • Provide contact details for someone that can be asked to confirm the information you give in your experience statement. Your supporter needs to be someone who is working at your level or above, and who is able to verify your skills and competence.
Assessment of your application by your unit

You should follow your unit's instructions to submit your application.

  • Assessors who are members of your unit holding CITP registration will carry out the initial review of your application.
  • Your application and supporting documentation will be checked to ensure your knowledge and evidence in your experience statement demonstrate that you meet the criteria for registration
  • Your supporter will be contacted to verify your experience statement.
  • You may be asked for more information
  • If your application is unsuccessful at this initial review stage the assessors will provide feedback to you.

Your application will be authorised for submission to BCS.

The role of BCS in the assessment of your application

When BCS receives your application we will:

  • Contact you to request payment of the application assessment fee and your first year's registration fee.
  • If you are not a BCS member the information you provide on your application and your CV will be used to assess your IT work experience for membership at the grade of Member and you will also have to pay the BCS membership subscription.
  • You will be asked to book your professional review interview

Latest fees and membership subscriptions

Your interview

Your interview and presentation will be carried out online using conferencing software, and the session will last up to an hour.

You will be able to book a date and time for your interview that is convenient to you which may be in the evening or at a weekend.

There are usually two assessors who conduct the interview and they will be selected on the basis of your area of IT specialism but may come from any industry sector.

You'll need to give a 10-minute presentation to bring your professional competence to life. Our assessors will ask questions to verify competence as well as your breadth and depth of knowledge and your communication skills.

Outcome of the application

Following your interview the assessors will complete a report recommending the outcome of your application.

BCS will let you know the decision and will also tell your unit.

What happens when you become a CITP?

Public register
You have the option of appearing in the public register of Chartered IT Professionals

Certificate of current competence
When you become a Chartered IT Professional, you receive a certificate of current competence, confirming the relevance of your skills and expertise in today's fast-moving industry.

The certificate is valid for five years and you will have the option to revalidate your current knowledge and competence after this time by submitting a current CV and proof of CPD.

Get involved
Your knowledge, experience and opinion are valuable commodities which you can invest in BCS to support your continuing professional development as well as the development of our industry and digital society.

  • Mentoring network - inspiring another person and seeing them progress and benefit from your knowledge and insight is a hugely rewarding experience.
  • Policy hub - we're regularly consulted by government and other key bodies - help to influence policy and legislation by having your say on the important issues affecting us all.
  • Volunteering - grow your professional network, and the profile of your field, by taking an active role in the running of our membership community.