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Organisational membership is more than just a badge. BCS organisational members are shifting the perception of IT professionals in the workplace by giving them a voice and the confidence to grow in their careers.

Your partnership with BCS is a clear signal that you take your L&D responsibilities seriously and are using your resources to develop business-critical skills and provide genuine career progression. Your scheme members gain access to practical career development tools and CPD resources - and further team development tools are available such as our SFIAplus framework to help you build a dynamic, adaptable and self-motivated team.

Companies we partner with:

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Underline the integrity of your business

Every BCS member signs up to the BCS code of conduct, confirming their commitment to professionalism and to working in the best interest of society.

Through corporate membership, your organisation also signs this pledge demonstrating to customers and the wider community that you’re committed to upholding professional and ethical standards.

How your organisation benefits
  • Independent and trusted endorsement of your team and IT capability
  • External validation of your commitment to developing your people
  • Shift in internal mindset towards the IT department as a business enabler
  • Access to qualifications and registrations to enhance competence and recognition
  • Networking opportunities with other forward-thinking organisations
  • Approved Organisation status available for those driving industry standards

Raising professional standards

Professional registration is a great way for your employees to benchmark their knowledge and competence, and for you to highlight the exceptional credentials of your team.

All our professional standards are aligned to the SFIAplus framework, and we offer webinars and workshops to support your team through the application process.

As part of your membership package, employees can achieve a range of professional IT registrations depending on their skill set, role and responsibilities - including RITTech, CEng and CITP.

How your employees benefit
  • Access to career development tools to develop practical and soft skills
  • Opportunities to influence policy and be involved in wider community
  • Demonstrate their commitment to high ethical working standards
  • Clearer career pathways and more options for progression
    Inspire and be inspired, through the BCS career mentoring programme
  • The Approved Organisation award acknowledges the professionalism of the IT team

Case study

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust are promoting equality of career pathways with BCS organisational membership.

The Trust employs approximately 5,000 staff in total. We spoke to Chief Information Officer Kelvyn Hipperson, who is also responsible for the digital staff at The Cornwall Partnership Trust and Cornwall IT Services, an NHS shared services department supporting countywide information systems. There are more than 200 IT staff across the different organisations in the county.

Read the full case study

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

What can I expect?

Wherever you are in your organisation’s professional membership journey, you need time to embed membership into your culture and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

As with all partnerships, the more you put in, the more you get out. That’s why we ask you to designate a BCS coordinator in your team, with whom our key account manager will work to organise launch events, engagement webinars and other tools promoting the benefits of BCS membership - ensuring you and your people get the most from our collaboration.

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Meet the team

Julie Bailey

Head of Health and Care

Julie has 25 years' experience as an account manager, and supports our clients in the health and care sector.

Andrew Barnett

Account Manager

Andrew specialises in applying the SFIAplus framework to support capability analysis, planning and recruitment.

Sherilyn Aitken

Account Manager

Sherilyn's worked in BCS for more than 12 years and manages many of our largest corporate accounts.

Ashley Larkin

Account Manager

Ashley has been working with BCS clients for the past two years to help them develop their teams.

The latest thinking

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