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Evidence your knowledge and competence against independent industry standards

Demonstrate your capability and integrity to employers, clients and colleagues

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Chartered professionals are beacons of the industry, working to the highest practical and ethical standards.

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"It's not just about letters after your name - it's about having resources to call upon when you need them."

Richard Thompson, RITTech
IT Operations Engineer, Royal College of Nursing

How do I get professional registration?

  • To join a professional IT register in the UK, you’ll need to show you meet the defined standards of competence, professionalism and commitment for your chosen registration.
  • When you apply, you’ll be asked to provide a series of personal statements about your work; what you do, and how you do it. This information is then reviewed by assessors who may invite you to an online interview if they need more details.
  • To maintain your registered status, you need to remain a member of the professional body that awards it. You’ll be asked to revalidate your registration after a given timeframe, typically three or five years, when you’ll need to show you’re still working at the required competency level.

As the regulatory body for IT standards, BCS licences and regulates the professional Register for IT Technicians (RITTech) and the Chartered IT Professional (CITP) standard.

We’re also licenced by the Engineering Council to award Chartered Engineer (CEng) and Incorporated Engineer (IEng) registration, and we’re one of the awarding bodies for Federation for Informatics Professionals (FEDIP) registration.