What are the benefits of recognition?

You know you have a great attitude to your work in tech and aim for high standards in everything you do. Professional recognition is the industry’s way of saying “we know it too”. Aside from the general sense of pride and achievement that you’ll feel, just knowing you’re recognised by other professionals in your field gives you greater confidence in your own abilities and the motivation to aim even higher.

Where does it fit into my membership?

If you’re looking to make a name for yourself in the tech industry, joining BCS is the place to start. As soon as you come on board, you can use the respected BCS post-nominals in your email signature and resumé instantly showing you’re part of your professional body – competent, accountable, committed to professional standards and an advocate of the BCS Code of Conduct. (Sorry students, you’ll have to wait until you’re an Associate member to use your post-noms.)

Membership is also your first step to achieving professional registration like RITTech and chartered status, a process that involves peer assessment of your competence against defined industry standards. You can also raise your professional profile by speaking at a branch or specialist group, presenting a BCS webinar or by writing for our popular ITNOW magazine.

How will it help my IT career?

Your BCS credentials are a clear and trusted sign of your competence, integrity and influence. Customers and employers will know they’re dealing with a professional who understands their responsibility to the public interest and who they can put their confidence in to do a good job. Just what’s needed when it comes to winning your next contract, or securing that interview or promotion.

BCS post-nominal letters

These letters are respected across the industry: AMBCS for Associates, MBCS for Professional members, and FBCS for our renowned Fellowship.

Professional registration

Enjoy independent validation of your skills with RITTech, FEDIP, CEng or IEng registration or by becoming a Chartered IT Professional (CITP).

Ethical code

Your pledge to follow the BCS Code of Conduct is at the heart of membership, calling out your duty of care and your stance on ethics and professionalism.

Share your expertise

BCS gives you an industrywide platform for sharing your work and insight as a presenter, panellist or guest speaker at events and by contributing to ITNOW.

Become an assessor

If you’re a BCS Fellow you can plough your knowledge and experience into assessing colleagues and peers for Fellowship and chartered status.

Membership just for you

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