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Understanding the relevance of BCS membership

We connect over 75,000 members through more than 700 annual face to face networking events and vibrant online communities.

We support the professional development of our members by providing career pathway guidance, practical support, information services, and development tools to enable our members to flourish in their careers and reach their potential, and through 100+ Branches, Specialist Groups and International Sections.

Download our recruiter guideWhat BCS membership shows you

Every BCS member agrees to our Code of Conduct, which includes a commitment to:

  • Conduct professional activities without discrimination
  • Only undertake to do work or provide a service that is within their professional competence
  • Not claim any level of competence that they do not possess
  • Develop their professional knowledge, skills and competence on a continuing basis, maintaining awareness of technological developments, procedures, and standards that are relevant to their field
  • Carry out professional responsibilities with due care and diligence

How you and your customers will benefit

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, champions the global IT profession and the interests of individuals engaged in that profession for the benefit of all. We foster links between experts from industry, academia and business to encourage new thinking, education and knowledge sharing.

We seek to promote professional practice tuned to the demands of business; providing practical support and information services to our members and volunteer communities around the world. Further, we give our members access to services and benefits that support them at every stage of their professional development; benefits they can bring to your organisation and your customers.


  • Working with a BCS Member should enable you to be confident in the advice they give and the services they provide.
    Our members commit to the BCS Code of Conduct, driving up professional standards and governing their individual professional conduct, over and above that of their contractual obligations, such as only performing their work within their professional competence and never claiming any level of competence they do not possess.
  • BCS Members commit to keep up-to-date
    Our members make a commitment to their Continuing Professional Development, ensuring they maintain an awareness of technical developments, procedures and standards relevant to their field, and building their knowledge, skills and competence levels.


  • BCS Members have a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips
    Our members have access to a wide range of business intelligence resources, publications and journals. This includes 9,000 IT and business journals available in our online library and 20,000 hours of exclusive webchats and seminars.

Networking and Expertise

  • BCS Members are in good company
    Our members have access to over 50 Specialist Groups, a network of national Branches and International Sections, bringing our 70,000 strong membership together, in addition to "Ask an Expert" facilities, mentoring opportunities and multi-channel networking tools.

When recruiting IT professionals...

Successful job interview

Remember to add "Member of BCS" to your list of requirements when recruiting, so you know you are attracting applicants with a declared commitment to professional competence and integrity from the outset.

Ask for evidence of their Continuing Professional Development, so you can be sure they commit to keeping up-to-date, and that their records contain a variety of CPD activities, not limited to certifications and examinations alone.

Look for CITP letters after the name of the candidate to show they have a defined level of competence.

Look for FBCS, MBCS or AMBCS letters after the name of the candidate to show they are a member of BCS.

Levels of BCS membership

BCS has levels of membership for all who work in (or whose work touches upon) IT, at whichever level they are at in their career - from those in the early stages and students, to those who are at the top of their field. The level of membership obtained reflects their standing in the IT profession.

BCS has levels of membership for all who work in (or whose work touches upon) IT, at whichever level they are at in their career.