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In a society defined by digital, it's our purpose under our Royal Charter to ensure that everyone benefits from technology-led change.

Our members are at the heart of this - promoting the standards, best practices and the right decisions to power a bright future. Our Code of Conduct underlines the integrity and professionalism of every member.

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Richard Atkinson

Richard Atkinson MBCS CITP

"Being able to meet with peers in the specialist groups, where we can share and learn best practices or alternative approaches, is tremendously useful..."

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Evelyn Gonsalves

Evelyn Gonsalves MBCS

"My mentor helped me understand my realm of work in such a way that I independently worked on a project within a couple of months..."

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Tim Clements

Tim Clements MBCS CITP

"I've come a long way since my COBOL days and applying for Chartered status was driven by my motivation to benchmark my competencies..."

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