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Joining BCS gives you the opportunity to expand your professional and personal connections, while tapping into the latest thinking through our extensive network of members.


Follow your passions

With over 50 Specialist Groups to choose from, BCS Membership provides you with the unrivalled opportunity to connect with likeminded professionals and ensure that you are at the forefront of development in the areas you’re passionate about.

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Students unite

Student members represent the next generation of IT professionals and we want to ensure that they receive the support they need to shape the direction of the industry. Our Student Chapters provide and promote engaging activities at universities, helping students to gain valuable insight into the industry and make new connection.


Career Mentoring Network

The BCS Career Mentoring Network (CMN) is a robust development and empowerment tool enabling mentees to locate potential mentors and vice versa. It allows members to share knowledge, insights and experiences by partnering mentors and mentees using a process driven and controlled entirely by you, the user.


IT Impact

BCS is committed to helping the IT community tackle societal issues surrounding IT. BCS hosts IT Impact debates across the country. These events give you the opportunity to get involved, have your say on how we should be tackling these issues and understand how the work you do reverberates throughout society.

United Kingdom

UK Branches

The Institute currently has Branches covering the whole of the UK, almost 50 in total, from Kent in the South East and Dorset in the South West, through South Wales, Belfast, and Birmingham, up to Aberdeen in the North.


International Sections

Our International Sections currently cover around 15 countries across the globe and enable our International members to have a local presence.


'No man is a failure who has friends' - Clarence the Angel

Clarence said it best. With the unwavering support of other BCS members, you’ll always be able to lean on, and learn from the wealth of information, experience, and expertise they have to offer.

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