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BCS membership gives you access to wide ranging industry information to help you to develop and expand your IT knowledge.


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You receive access to a range of discounts and special offers in the BCS Bookshop and free online eBook series as well as our member magazine ITNow and Digital Leaders reports. Whether you’re delving into a subject you’re deeply passionate about or simply exploring a passing interest, we’ve got you covered.


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The IT industry is fast paced, competitive, and constantly evolving. Your membership to BCS open up an array of discounted training opportunities to ensure that you remain at the forefront of your IT discipline as it continues to develop. You will also receive discounted access to the ACM Digital library and a 15% discount on the core ITIL® books via TSO.


Effectively planning your own career development can be a daunting task, how can you be sure that you’re heading in the right direction? Mapping your progression with SFIAplus guarantees that you’re following the industry’s globally recognised framework.


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BCS publishes its own weekly newsletter giving you a well-rounded knowledge of every aspect of the industry. You’ll also receive the BCS membership magazine ITNow to keep you up to date with professional issues, IT innovations and advancements in the world of tech.

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