Enterprise Architecture - A View from the Real World

Monday 24 April 2017
6.15pm - 8.00pm

Deloitte, Saltire Court 20 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh, EH1 2DB

Free to both BCS and non-BCS members


  • 6.15pm to 6.30pm -  Registration
  • 6.30pm to 7.30pm - Presentations
  • 7.35pm to 8.00pm - Networking Opportunity

Daljit Banger and Colin Smart


Enterprise Architecture - A Primer

Daljit will present a primer for both practitioners and students to the area of Enterprise Architecture.

Daljit will use the GDPR as an example of how an external factor such as government legislation can impact the technology landscape of an organisation and how the impact should be analysed.

About the speaker:

Daljit is an experienced practitioner with 30+ years of IT Industry experience, having undertaken assignments in the USA, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Hong Kong, Brazil to name but a few, on behalf of large multi-national companies.

Daljit is a Fellow of the BCS and Co-Chair of the EA SIG at the BCS and has held the post of Chief Architect on several European engagements.

Programme Architecture: the missing link?

Within the IT world, we have long lived with the view that there are two types of architectural practice: Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture. The former handles governance, standards, and aspects of the change portfolio to provide a context for the latter, which covered the architecture of the actual change in the project. In this talk, I would argue for a third form of architectural practice - Programme Architecture, which comes between the context setting of Enterprise Architecture and the implementation focus of Solution Architecture.

About the speaker:

Colin has over 20 years of experience in architecture (solution and enterprise) across a range of industries and organisations from large corporates to small enterprises. He has worked in both public sector and private sector with a specialism in retail banking. He has led the formation of Enterprise Architecture functions as well as capability uplift within existing teams. He has delivered and guided the architecture of multi-million £ programmes, as well as the developing the strategies, with the wider business, that gave rise to the programmes.