Past events 2008 - 2016

Past events from the Cybercrime Forensics Specialist Group can be found below.

Date Event Title
21 Nov 16 The challenges facing computer forensics practitioners in an ever changing technological world
14-15 Sep 16 Forensic Science in Defence and Security
23 Jun 16 Digital and Mobile Forensics
Joint meeting with BCS Hampshire Branch, BCS Cybercrime Forensics SG and the University of Portsmouth.
9 Jun 16 An Open Source "Open Source Internet Research Tool"
Joint meeting with BCS Cybercrime Forensics and the Open Source SGs, BCS Hampshire Branch & Southampton Solent University
12 May 16 Cyber Resilience
Joint meeting with BCS Cybercrime Forensics and ISC(2), IISP, OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Cambridge Chapter. Cambridge Chapter, ISC(2) East of England Chapter and Institute of Information Security Professionals - Eastern Region, BCS Cybercrime Forensics SG and Anglia Ruskin University
22 Jan 16 Mobile & Malware Forensics Day 2016
28 Oct 15 Cybercrime Forensics Specialist Group AGM
9 Sep 15 How ITSM contributes to cyber resilience
BCS Service Management Specialist Group event
29 Jul 15 Can You Afford to Ignore Your Cyber Security?
Organised by Southampton Solent University, School of Business and Law, with the BCS Hampshire Branch and BCS Cybercrime Forensic Specialist Group.
30 Jun 15 Digital Forensics What You Should ask Your Expert
Joint event with the BCS Hampshire Branch, BCS IRMA, BCS ELITE, BCS Cybercrime Forensic SG and Specsavers
9 Dec 14 A Computing Christmas Card: The Long the Short and the Tall of Cybercrime and Cybersecurity
15 Oct 14 Who's stalking you?
Joint event
9 Oct 14 The Future of Cybercrime & Cybercrime Forensics - Joint event with BCS Manchester Branch
10 Dec 13 Christmas Code Crackers - Joint event with BCS South Wales Branch
21 Mar 13 Digital Forensics Lab / Usability Lab: Demos of practices and procedures for digital forensics and usability testing
6 Nov 12 Cyberwar
12 Jul 12 The Language of Cybercrime
9 - 10 Jul 12 CyberPatterns 2012
20 Jun 12 Surviving Redundancy / Early Retirement & Setting up your own IT Business
6 Sep 12 AGM (PDF)
1 Sep 11 AGM (PDF)
17 Nov 10 ICT Risks in Online Gambling & Related Payment Systems
15 Mar 10 Conscription for the Cyber-War
24 Feb 10 Forensics Computing Research (PDF)
16 Dec 09 Cybercrime and the London 2010 Olympics
01 Sep 09 AGM
06 Jun 09 An Introduction to Cybercrime Forensics (PDF)
28 Apr 09 Protecting Yourself from Cybercrime at the London 2012 Olympics (PDF)
07 Apr 09 Cybercrime Law (and the Problems of Police Enforcement)
04 Mar 09 How Secure Are You?
25 Feb 09 The Importance of Accurate Time Determination When Evaluating Digital Analysis
07 Feb 09 YPG Event - Information Security Careers Day (BCS Wiltshire Branch event)
15 Jan 09 Forensic Computing (BCS Wiltshire Branch event)
15 Dec 08 Cybercrime Forensics Specialist Group launch
26 Nov 08 Computer Forensics (the good, the bad and the ugly)
25 Nov 08 CyberSecurity KTN-Pulse Programme - Taking the Pulse