Under the previous MBCS criteria, you’ve already shown that you have five or more years’ experience working in the IT industry or you hold equivalent accredited qualifications.

Now the membership criteria have changed, we’re inviting you to take look at becoming Chartered - we’ve developed a streamlined process and new, clearer guidelines to support you.

There’s no change to the standard itself, but if you have over five years’ experience and are working in a responsible role you could gain additional credentials and formal recognition of your experience and contribution to the IT profession with CITP.

This new process has a simpler form focused on your breadth of knowledge and experience, and applications are reviewed at a panel board every 8 weeks. What’s more, the requirement for an interview and presentation has been removed from the process. However, there may be occasions where the assessor requests further information, and this could be either a request for further written information or they may ask for a call with the applicant.

If you’d like to share this exciting opportunity with your organisation and colleagues, download and share the poster and webinar about the new process.

Sounds great, how do I apply?

To become a Chartered IT Professional, you’ll still be required to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and current competence in line with the CITP standard.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Get your CV up to date - it’ll need to show you have the appropriate level of responsibility and autonomy in the workplace
  2. Complete this CITP application form providing written evidence of your current competence in the industry. Use the guidance document and webinar below to help you


  3. Identify a supporter who can verify your application accurately reflects your role and experience - they must themselves be a member of a professional body with a code of conduct that they follow.

Once your CV, application form and supporter information are ready, head to MyBCS and follow the link to submit your application.