AGM & 'Tell Me Why - The Golden Circle of Agile'

9 October 2012

Museum of London, 150 London Wall, London, EC2Y 5HN

Free for Members and Non-Members. Booking is required for security reasons.

18:00 - Registration & Networking
18:30 - Annual General Meeting
19:00 - Presentation by Jean Tabaka
20:30 - Close


The election of the mandatory officers (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) will take place at the AGM. Any candidates interested in serving in any of these posts are invited to send in their nomination to by 08 October 2012. Candidates for these posts should be full BCS members (MBCS or FBCS). Any nomination should include the name of the office, candidate's full name and membership number as well as the names and membership number of the proposer and seconder.

The Agenda for the AGM will contain the following sections:
- Apologies for Absence
- Chairman Report
- Treasurer Report
- Elections of the 2012/13 Officers
- Any Other Business

The Annual General Meeting of the SG needs to take place during October 2012. Unfortunately, the BCS venue in Southampton Street is fully booked for the remainder of 2012 and we are unable to secure an alternative venue with more capacity or with more notice period. If you would like to raise any concern about the room capacity and timing, please contact us to discuss further.

Presentation Synopsis

In September of 2009, Simon Sinek delivered a Ted Talk on “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.” Sinek’s talk and subsequent book, “Start with Why,” have resonated deeply for me with regard to our Agile adoptions. What’s going on here? Often, we start with What: “What practices shall we adopt in order to make us Agile,” as the core for our plans. If we are really daring and step back a little, we may start with How: “How can we make this adoption really work? That will tell us what practices to adopt.” “The WHY for all of this can be conspicuous by its absence: “Why are we even thinking of doing this Agile Adoption?” In this talk, I’d like us to take on the challenge of Sinek’s Golden circle. I’d like us to test our own WHY HOW WHAT of our Agile adoptions. And I’d like us to consider creating and continually challenging our own Agile "Golden Circles" of "Why How What" for successful transformations.

Speaker Profile

Jean Tabaka, Agile Fellow with Rally Software, is continuing on her 30 year path of learning about software development principles, processes, and practices for people. She seeks a humane approach to bringing high value to our communities of creators and consumers. This has led her to move into disciplines that reach beyond traditional Agile or Lean frameworks. This has included systems thinking, complexity theory, design thinking as well as work in empathy and vulnerability in organizations. Jean holds a Masters in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University. She is the author of “Collaboration Explained” and a variety of articles on Agile, organizational change, team dynamics, Lean thinking, and other associated topics. Jean blogs at and can be followed on twitter as @jeantabaka. When home in Boulder, CO, she’d invite you over for some wine and some music while gazing across her backyard over a Flat Iron Mountains sunset. Meanwhile, you can find her at