Questions & Answers Session with Lisa Crispin

Monday 14 March 2016

6.00pm - 8.30pm

BCS, 1st Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HA | Maps

Free to attend for both BCS Members and non-members


In agile development, we focus on building quality in, delivering value to customers, and preventing defects rather than finding them at the end. Many agile teams struggle with knowing how to do this. They may wonder if they really need testers. They may find they are writing robust code, but not delivering the value that the customer wants. Agile teams may slip into a "mini waterfall" where testing runs an iteration or two behind development.

What testing and quality concerns puzzle you and your team? Please bring them along and join Lisa Crispin as she leads a discussion on testing and quality challenges for agile teams. This start as a Q&A session, but participants may get involved in identifying puzzlers and thinking about how to address them.

Speaker Biography

Lisa Crispin is the co-author, with Janet Gregory, of More Agile Testing: Learning Journeys for the Whole Team (Addison-Wesley 2014), Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams (Addison-Wesley, 2009), co-author with Tip House of Extreme Testing (Addison-Wesley, 2002), and a contributor to Experiences of Test Automation by Dorothy Graham and Mark Fewster (Addison-Wesley, 2011) and Beautiful Testing (O’Reilly, 2009). Lisa was voted by her peers as the Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person in 2012. Lisa enjoys working as a tester with an awesome agile team. She shares her experiences via writing, presenting, teaching and participating in agile testing communities around the world. For more about Lisa’s work, visit,, and follow @lisacrispin on Twitter.