Fresh Voices #1

Tuesday 6 December 2016


BCS, 1st Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HA | Maps


These are the 3 talks selected for this Fresh Voices event:

  • What is Agile Coaching? with Rickard Jones & Christoforos Nikitas
  • From Monoliths to Services: Gradually paying your Technical Debt with David Litvak Bruno
  • Agile Marketing with Femi Olajiga

Each session will be 20 minutes long with 10 additional minutes for questions and feedback.

What is Agile Coaching?

Many people do not REALLY know what Agile Coaching is. This talk states what it is, the differences between Coaching, Consulting, Mentoring and Training. How to become an Agile Coach. This is important as many companies embark on Agile Transformation they will undoubtedly come across Agile Coaching.

With Agile Transformations all the fashion these days it could be you will be seeing an Agile Coach near you soon. Do you have Agile Coaching at work? Do you think your an Agile Coach? Are they needed? Find out the answers to these questions by Joining presenters Rickard Jones and Christoforos Nikitas for this short 20 min talk on Agile Coaching.

From Monoliths to Services: Gradually paying your Technical Debt

With devs leaning towards microservices based apps, understanding what technical debt is and how it affects choosing which architecture to use, becomes crucial. We’ll try to achieve that by taking a monolith app and reduce its technical debt by moving, step by step, to a microservice architecture.

Agile Marketing

Agile marketing is an optimised approach to people, processes and tools in marketing planning and execution, in response to changing customer behaviour and market trends. It provides a way to add, remove and/or modify marketing targets, strategies and tactics on an ongoing basis. Agile marketing centres on a change in business mind-set from the traditional marketing structure to a more flexible (agile) structure that has been so successful in the information technology industry. It champions data-driven marketing decision making, with an emphasis on value creation from a customer’s perspective.