Tom Winter Memorial Lecture: Healthworks

BCS Belfast Branch event

Speakers Date/Time:
29 April 2008, 6.30pm

Wellington Park Hotel

This fun event was being presented to address an issue that affects all IT professionals - STRESS!

The speakers with the chairman, discussing stress management techniques We all know the pressures of tight deadlines and the frustrations of hardware and software that just won't do as it's told. How we deal with these stresses can make or break our careers.

This event was free and open to members and guests!

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Guest speaker:
Janet Coleman, Health Promotion Manager, Health Works.

Janet is a health promotion consultant with the NI Civil Service Sports Association. She has a Masters Degree in Sport, Exercise and Leisure, focusing on health-related physical activity.

Janet has specialised in the field of workplace health promotion since 1990. Since then she has had responsibility for developing and implementing many health promotion initiatives within the NICS, including the Steps to Fitness Campaign - a health through exercise initiative in which some 10,000 NI Civil Servants took part, and more recently The Health Works Programme - a comprehensive holistic approach to workplace health intervention.

Janet is a keen sportswoman. Having undergone a kidney transplant operation in 1984, she has since won numerous British and World Transplant Games titles. She is undoubtedly a most enthusiastic, motivational speaker.